How can we get your money back for you?
legal letter
You plug in the information and we’ll send out a formal letter.

Our product will allow you to get what is owing to you, without using a lawyer. While attorneys charge for time spent in perusing documents, consulting and drafting letters- with us you only pay per letter sent.

legal notice letter
We are a legal notice service.

We offer a simple 2-step process where you register or log-in and then send. When briefing an attorney or debt collector you would need to provide them with the information anyway, they would in turn draft a letter and send it off. For a fraction of the cost and of the time spent, we provide this service to you.

legal advice
We have a passion in the debt collection and legal industry

Having experience in both. Not only do we provide the notification service but we will help you streamline your debt collection with access to valuable tips, insights and free templates.

Served Inc.
Good, Honest advice.

Do not ignore letters received, make payment or contact the creditor immediately to dispute or negotiate a payment plan. Join our newsletter which comes out once a month. Guaranteed to add value to your business accumen.

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