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Our Executive Lawyer will send a legal letter to your Debtors for payment, for a fraction of the price...


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  • Easy to set up and use: a few simple questions and we will take care of the rest
  • Simple, fast and convenient
  • Incredible value: upfront and transparent fee with no hourly billing rates
  • Letter is prepared and signed by an attorney and immediately sent via email to your debtor
  • Internationally applicable
  • Popular service among business owners and individuals seeking payments from customers
  • Potentially tax deductible as a business expense (speak to your accountant/tax advisor)
  • We are the experts- affordable and professional- leave it to us to send out that demand for payment
  • Your business is a big deal, let us make getting paid as easy as possible
  • We’ve sent thousands of letters
  • You focus on your business and let us take care of the asking for payment

Statistically, sending a letter of demand increases payment prospects by 80% !

“The CEO said this service is revolutionary, we send out invoices at the end of each month and if debtors haven’t paid by the 7th- they get a letter of demand. Affordable and quick”
- Joshua Schoon, financial manager (Birmingham, UK)

“I love this, it means I can basically brief a lawyer to send a letter in minutes”
- Nikita Avery, freelancer (New York City, USA)

“Great service! We’ve improved our cashflow dramatically by ensuring that debtors pay us on time”
-Toni Ray, plumber (Cape Town, South Africa)

Why Us ?


4500+ Clients cannot be wrong. Give it a try !

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